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Tax system

La Fiscalité

In France, the tax system is represented by a set of rule and of laws in constant evolution. The role of the accounting firm is to follow its evolution and to study all the possibilities. What allows to release you from this very time consuming task, he will learn and explain to you all the necessary notions for management of the compagny and in a personal capacity as your quality of director.
Prieur & Associés helps you with taxation of your business. Taxation is the set of laws and changes that occur at the economic level of a company. In short this includes various taxes and benefits (discounts etc.), economic contributions, tax and VAT.
  • Preparation of all tax returns related to your business.
  • Preparation of tax returns on income and wealth tax (ISF).
  • Tax optimization.
  •  Assistance during tax audits.
  • Establishment of tax consolidation.
  • Tax Compliance Audit.

Our accounting services

The forecast allows to judging the evolution of a company based on its current pace. The experts take the time to analyze them to identify the main positive points and monitors in order to prevent risks. They are a source of information about your evolution. You can also add the intermediate.

The only year-end balance sheet is not enough to make decisions for the coming years and to see the real evolution of a company. That is why we conduct interim management documents. Intermediaries are concrete evidence of the success of your goals. Thus, you can follow step by step your activity and growth, and thus prevent risks and to anticipate your future.

The CICE, TVA, 2024, e-filing, tax returns, are all statements that a company must achieve. Sometimes time-consuming or complex, they can mean a real loss of time in your business. That is why our employees are regularly trained and each year the latest of these statements and carry them to each of our clients.

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