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Artistique and cultural sponsorship

Mécénat culturel & artistique

Museum of Modern Art of Troyes

We support the Museum of Moderne Art of Troyes as an official sponsorship. Also, it’s include the exhibitions 2016 « Une Modernité hollandaise la collection Singer ». 2015 « Dessine-moi une collection ». 2014 « CHAGALL de la palette au métier ». « TISSER MATISSE ».  2013 « Martine Martine » et « Ursula Morley Price ».  As well as many other exhibitions exhibitions yet.

Some of our associates, great art lovers have made of it their favorite place.

The history of the Museum of Modern Art

The Modern Art Museum of Troyes takes life through the gift of the couple Levy. The diversity and rarity of works on display, make it one of the richest Museum of Modern Art in province.

So it’s with great pride that we participate in the activity of the museum each year.

Museum of Nogent s/Seine

Sponsor of the acquisition “Perseus and the Gorgon” Camille Claudel.

A museum in his name has recently open to Nogent-sur-Seine, the city where the artist met Alfred Boucher, a sculptor who provides a key support for the future of artist Camille Claudel.

“If development is to be through the economy, it should not neglect other interests of people, whose culture. Therefore, our firm is sensitive to Camille Claudel museum project that door Nogent-sur -Seine. This enhances the attractiveness of our catchment area and contributes to an harmonious development. “

Pierre Mathy, Associé


Stained glasses for Romilly

Stained Glasses for Romilly is an association which we are mecene. Its purpose is to beautify the Romilly image with contemporary works seen by all. In addition, this action opens the art to everyone and create a new cultural and tourist attraction in Romilly-sur-Seine.

Vidéo : Cité du vitrail


We are member of the “business club ESTAC.” This allows us to offer members of our firm, for enthusiasts or for discovery, to see football matches at Troyes. We’re also enjoy of it some of our customers.

Why are we a member of the club business?
Simply because it have to know have fun, and delight all of our employees are passionate about different areas.