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Business Succession

Business Succession

L’Atelier, is a space dedicated to creation and entrepreneuriat, entrepreneurship is an inspiring adventure. to succeed and overcome the 3 years stage, it should be counseled in the creation and business management but also keep good accompany.
In our experts Atelier, we give to you the necessary support and help needed, in the creation, the handover, and recovery. Also, we help you to deal with all the formalities, the legal and financial procedures.
Together we elaborate your business plan and other process, according to your needs.

Global analysis and optimisation of your project

    • Discover of the project
    • FeasIbility study
    • Study of the market
    • Advices made on measure

Definition of the chatered account task

    • Appointment and vision on short and long terme on your accountancy needs
    • Audit of the internal accountancy situation
    • Definition of our mission in the company

Assistance to the formalization of the commitments

  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Verification of the legal respect of the contract.

Assistance to global optimisation of the transmission

  • Financial, accountancy, legal and fiscal plan

Acquisition act

  • Participation to elaboration of acquisition act.

Accompany of legacy and fiscal situations.

  • Solution to protect better the proprities/legacy

Sell contract

  • Our expert made the follow up and validation of clauses mentionned in the sell contract.

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